Bulk SMS Marketing: Getting Started Successfully

The simple text message has been around for almost thirty years, so what is it about bulk SMS marketing that makes it one of the best ways to get your brand or business directly in front of your target audience? This article explains all about SMS marketing, why it’s definitely not an old hat strategy, and how you can get started sending SMS campaigns quickly and effortlessly.

What is bulk SMS marketing ?why use it?

Bulk SMS marketing refers to the promotion of goods and services by text message to a group of subscribers. It’s also used to send notifications, alerts, reminders, order status updates and to request customer reviews. SMS is incredibly beneficial when used as a stand-alone marketing channel, or as part of an omnichannel strategy.

According to the GSMA, in 2019, 5.2 billion people worldwide subscribed to a mobile phone; a figure that’s expected to rise to 5.8 billion by 2025. Given that almost every mobile phone has a text messaging facility, the majority of the world’s population can send and receive SMS messages.

Numerous sources around the web report that text messages have a remarkable 98% open rate. This figure is much higher than the average email open rate of 21.33%. Furthermore, it’s estimated that 90% of text messages are opened within just three minutes.  

Bulk SMS marketing allows you to connect with your customers or clients instantly, which is essential when sending time-critical campaigns, such as retail flash sale notifications, or service messages like delivery updates.

Getting started with bulk SMS marketing

In essence, you only need three things to get started with bulk SMS marketing: a list of subscribers; a robust marketing strategy and an SMS messaging platform. Let’s look at these in detail:

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to start collecting a list of contacts so that you may start marketing to them. Really think about who you want to target – focus on the quality of your list as opposed to gathering as many phone numbers as you can.
Before you start bulk SMS marketing to your subscribers, consider what you want to achieve from your campaigns. Is it more conversions? Better customer engagement? Stronger brand loyalty? Decide your end goal first – and be specific about metrics – as this will guide your SMS content strategy.
The best way to start bulk SMS marketing is through a trusted global messaging platform. Look out for one that has partnerships with a large selection of mobile network providers, as this means you can benefit from competitive SMS rates and provides greater scope for worldwide message delivery. Messente, for instance, offers a full-service messaging API and has connections with more than 800 mobile network providers in over 190 countries.  

Bulk SMS marketing in action

Businesses of all sizes can use bulk SMS marketing to increase engagement, deliver outstanding service or boost profits. 

Bulk SMS marketing: a powerful tool

Text messages are impactful, highly convenient, easily digestible and instantaneous, making SMS an instrumental channel to add to your marketing strategy. You can get started sending bulk SMS marketing campaigns once you’ve got your list of contacts ready. Messente’s messaging API will ensure your messages are delivered globally, reliably and at a reasonable cost.