Send and receive SMS

The SBS SMS portal is the fastest and most effective way to send and receive SMS messages from any device connected to the internet. Send unique one-off texts to individual customers or send bulk SMS communications to groups of imported contacts in no time at all!

Connect to your customers with bulk SMS. Anyone. Anytime.

Manage your contacts and send bulk SMS in one easy-to-use interface. With the ability to upload contacts from various file formats, create groups, and import contacts from other applications, you can be sending SMS to groups or individuals within just a few clicks. You can schedule all of your SMS messages – appointment reminders, promotions and notifications in advance to ensure that messages are sent at a specific date and time.


VMNs .

To receive SMS you can use a VMN . A Virtual Mobile Number is an 11 digit number that allows you to receive SMS back to your Echo inbox, ideal if you’d like your customers or staff to reply to messages you send out.



Sender id. Boost Brand recognition.

Your SMS can be delivered to people’s handsets with a friendly from address – not an anonymous mobile number – so your brand is protected and your open rates maximised. From addresses are free of charge to use and you can change the address easily or choose to use a VMN instead, whenever you need to.


Personalisation & message templates. Transform communication.

Sending personalised SMS messages allows you to make your text messages more engaging and informative to people, such as: names, dates and times. If you’re sending a large number of relatively similar text messages, having to type each one out individually can be very time consuming. SMS message templates are quick and easy to build and are great for maintaining consistency, avoiding spelling and grammatical mistakes and saving time.


Voice messaging. Build smart communications.

With voice messaging you can send an audio message to either a landline number or mobile phone. Our service allows the destination number to be retried if it’s engaged or unavailable. This smart retry strategy makes voice messaging ideal for mission critical, emergency messaging, when you need confirmation that your message has been received.


Reporting in real-time. Simple.

Echo enables you to automate and manage every campaign, analyse the results and optimise as you go. We provide free delivery reports to help you gain insights into who receives your SMS messages and which type of messages get better responses and feedback. You can also use this information to help clean your database up.



Regional and special characters. Enriched Unicode messaging.

Send messages to your customers and staff using the correct characters for their language. Use special characters to enrich your messages for the current generation of smartphones (compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry).